What do you specialize in?

Extremity injuries and arthritis

Being Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Heinen is trained to address your general Orthopaedic needs. However, being Subspecialty Certified in Sports Medicine, as well as being Fellowship Trained in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy, Dr. Heinen super-specializes in arthroscopic and total joint reconstructive surgery of the shoulder and knee.

Further, having completed his residency at one of the busiest hospitals in the world, Dr. Heinen has extensive experience in fracture and general orthopaedic management. Dr. Heinen no longer does spine surgery, however does frequently take care of spine patients with appropriate referrals when needed.


What should I expect at the first visit?

You will receive a friendly greeting upon arrival! You hurt…. We want to make you better.

However, preparation ahead of time will make your visit more enjoyable and worthwhile. To facilitate your initial visit, the paperwork can be downloaded, faxed or emailed and should be completed prior to arrival. Please also bring the films or disc from any relevant MRI studies you may have had. These studies will be reviewed by Dr. Heinen. Anticipating the physical examination, appropriate clothing should be considered (ie: shorts for knee examination). Gowns and paper shorts are also available for your comfort. Upon arrival, as required by some patient’s insurance companies, a co-pay is collected at this time. You are then brought into the examining room and vital signs taken. Your history will be obtained by Dr. Heinen or his assistant. Shortly after, you will be examined by Dr. Heinen, reviewing your history, exam, necessary xrays, and a personalized treatment plan will be discussed with you. After you leave, our team will help you to implement the treatment plan and answer your questions.


Will there be a wait?

Quite possibly… However, we believe you will find the wait worth it!

As a specialist Dr. Heinen tries to give every patient the time that they need. Our office actively tries to identify issues ahead of time, and modify our schedule to reasonably accommodate patients. However, we frequently do not know patient’s diagnoses, interval injuries, new studies (MRIs), or specific needs. In order to provide quality, individualized care, these issues are addressed. Dr. Heinen will take the needed time to address these issues for YOU too! We promise we will try to get to you as soon as we can.


Do you do PRP and/or stem cell injections?

Yes! Continuing our cutting-edge approach to care, Dr. Heinen does perform PRP and stem cell injections when indicated. These injections, however, are performed after careful consideration of your specific needs. Many of these injections are considered experimental and/or are not approved by the FDA for some Orthopaedic indications. If injections are considered in your treatment plan, the pros and cons, as well as literature concerns, will be discussed at the time. Because these injections are frequently NOT covered by insurance, cash payment in advance should be anticipated.


I have arthritis. Does that mean I need a joint replacement now?


Here at the California Sports and Cartilage Institute, our goal is joint preservation! As a result a comprehensive treatment plan with conservative care is initiated. This includes prudent use of medications, injections, bracing, activity modification and arthroscopic joint preservation surgery. Although Dr. Heinen routinely performs total joint replacement surgeries, his treatment plans are individualized to prolong function with surgery being preserved for when you have a loss of function, chronic pain, exhausted reasonable measures and most importantly, when the you are “ready”. We will guide you through the conservative and surgical steps to help you maintain function and quality of life!


What is cartilage?

Cartilage is a generic term used to describe a variety of tissues that are essential in bones and joints! Relevant examples include: growth plate cartilage, articular cartilage, and meniscal cartilage. Frequently, when describing problems with a joint, confusion occurs between these. Typically, in the joint, two types of cartilage are discussed. Articular cartilage (Hyaline Cartilage) covers the end of the bones and provides a weight bearing surface for the joints. The white area at the end of a chicken bone is an example of articular cartilage. As articular cartilage becomes damaged or worn down, this becomes what we refer to as “Arthritis.” Meniscal cartilage (Fibrocartilage) is a “C” or “O” shaped shock absorber in the knee. When injured, this is referred typically as a “tear”. Treatment is based on the extent of damage to these types of cartilage with individualized plans made. As the goal of our office is joint preservation and limitation of arthritis, a variety of specialized treatment plans are available for your needs.


Where do you do surgery?

Dr. Heinen performs surgery routinely at two locations. Most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis at the Arcadia Specialty Surgery Center in Arcadia, California. This is an accredited multispecialty surgery center with a friendly, well trained staff that is attentive to your needs. Patients or surgeries that require an overnight stay are performed at the Methodist Hospital of Southern California in Arcadia, California. This top notch hospital is ranked by Medicare in the top 2% of hospitals in the country. As one of only five hospitals in California, and the only hospital to receive this ranking in the Los Angeles County, Methodist Hospital is known for providing quality, attentive care. Moreover, the nicely furnished, single rooms with a view overlooking a golf course no doubt adds positively to the patient’s experience!


Why do you treat only shoulder and knee injuries at your Riverside office?

Dr. Heinen practiced for 16 years in Riverside and specializes principally in these body parts. As we have only one day per week at this office, in order to provide this specialized care, we have limited our practice in Riverside. We believe this provides better and more efficient care for our patients. Dr. Heinen would be happy to treat your other Orthopaedic issues at his Arcadia Office.


Where do I go for MRIs or for physical therapy?

Where it is best for YOU!

The key is to make it easy for you to get care you need. Dr. Heinen and his team will try to help guide you to quality physical therapy and MRI locations near your home or work as you see fit. Your insurance company may have requirements, and although you need to verify your own coverage, we will try to help accommodate these requests. We do not require attendance at any MRI or PT facility. Please bring any MRI discs or PT reports to your visits, so we can address them immediately for you.