Dr. Heinen was recommended to me by my longtime orthopedic surgeon, Jerry Wall of Riverside Sport Clinic, just before his tragic passing a couple years ago. I had torn both rotator cuffs in a work accident and Dr. Heinen surgically repaired them, first one, then PT, then the other, then PT. Let me say that both of my shoulders are now perfect, as though I’m 20 years old and never got hurt.

With a youth spent riding and a 14 year career racing professional motocross, my shoulders were about the only thing I had never injured, or had surgery on. Sure, I’d broken my collarbones five on the left and three on the right, but never my shoulders. So I know all about surgeries and have been lucky to have had Dr. Wall do my knees and Heinen do my shoulders. I highly recommend Dr. Heinen for any shoulder related injuries.